Survivor Connections

What is Exploitation?

Modern slavery is a violation of human rights and is considered a serious crime under international and Australian law. But what is it?


Modern slavery is a violation of human rights and is considered a serious crime. Here is a list of commonly used terms across this website and in the anti-slavery space.

Common Misconceptions

There are many common misconceptions about trafficking and exploitation. Let's debunk some of them.

Legislation in Australia

Most Trafficking and Modern Slavery offenses in Australia fall under Federal Legislation and are reported to the Australian Federal Police. The exception to this is the state legislation concerning sexual servitude offenses in NSW

How Did This Happen to Me?

One of the most painful parts of processing what has happened to you is asking: how did this happen to me?

Risk Factors

Several groups are at a higher risk for Modern Slavery. Here are some key groups we have found are at an increased risk in Australia and the challenges they face, including international students and cult members.

Identifying Red Flags of Modern Slavery

‘Red flags’ are what people call warning signs in relationships or situations that are dangerous or abusive. Sometimes it is very hard to see the warning signs, and you only learn what the ‘red flags’ are after you get out of an abusive situation like modern slavery.

Setting Boundaries After Situations of Abuse

Setting healthy boundaries takes a lot of practice, and can seem like an overwhelming process. Here are some tips to help you set healthy boundaries.


Not all survivors of modern slavery/trafficking/exploitation will want to or be able to report to the police. There are many options to report and things to consider.

Sex Worker Rights

We know that not everyone may understand or agree with all of our viewpoints, but our approach to sex work is based on the lived experience of sex work and sexual servitude/trafficking, and is informed by both.