Substance Support

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Substance use comes with so much shame, it’s hard to reach out. Most of the time you can’t tell the services you are working with because they won’t help people who have substance struggles. It continues the cycle of fear and desperation

What is the relationship between trauma and substance use?

Trauma and substance use are often closely linked. Drugs, alcohol or even food can become a way to get through the stress and emotional pain you are experiencing due to trauma.

Sometimes it feels like substances make things easier in the moment, but they can also bring complications with them.

Trying to cope by using substances or food can become a vicious cycle, until it becomes a pattern of addiction.

At Connections, there is no judgement. We recognise that everyone may be in a different stage in their journey with substances, and we know that it can be a struggle to try find your way through these issues.

If you would like to talk to someone about trauma and substances feel free to reach out.

Getting help

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Professional help from a mental health professional or addiction specialist can really help.

Getting help for trauma and substance use often requires a comprehensive approach that addresses both things at the same time.

This may involve therapy to address the underlying trauma and provide different coping mechanisms, as well as medication-assisted treatment or other forms of addiction treatment.

Evidence based treatments that have been found to be effective in addressing substance-use issues: 1) Trauma treatments 2) Cognitive behaviour therapy 3) Motivational interviewing 4) Contingency management 5) Medication-assisted treatment 6) 12-step programs

It can take time

It's important to understand that everyone is different, and it can take time to find the approach that’s right for you. It's essential to find a therapist who can tailor their approach to your specific needs, and that can be frustrating and take time.

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